at-home interior design transformation. 2.5 hours. $250. 

what? need a date night? or a family trip to the movies? go out together and come home to a brand new space. 

who? this design solution is great for renters or families with almost no budget but who still want a more functional, beautiful space to live in. 

where? we come to you! wherever you are in the bay area. 

how? we bring all our tools and kevin's strong muscles to transform your home. you send us pictures of your style and how you would like your house to look and feel, what areas you might be missing and we create them for you. we even put painters tape where we think you need art or a simple piece of furniture. you leave your keys for us, we come and do our thing and you come home to a beautiful new design. 

instant online room makeover. $200 per room. 

what?  the instant room makeover is an alternative service from Match, which offers clients do-it-yourself custom-designed spaces for a reasonable fee.

who?  the instant online is for prospective clients who don't really want or need a full range of services. some may want to address only one or two rooms in their house; others may have a limited budget; still others may want to do their own purchasing based on a design “master plan” for their rooms. regardless of their different motives, all of these clients share a desire for a personalized design experience, want to be actively involved in the design process, and have an appreciation for Kevin and I's design work.

where?  instant online clients can live almost anywhere in the country. most correspondence is done via email and internet. design resources are accessible locally or on-line.

how?  first, we need to get a sense of our prospective client’s taste. we ask instant online clients several design-oriented questions, and request digital photos of the rooms they want designed. we ask clients to measure their rooms for us (we walk them through this part to make it easy). once we determine the client’s design direction (i.e. classic, modern, mid-century, eclectic, etc), we create a personalized master design plan.

2-4 weeks after placing an order, the client receives, for each room, a file which includes:

 • a detailed schematic furniture plan, drawn to scale, with specific furniture pieces selected and resourced

  a detailed shopping list of resources - both local and on-line - for all design elements

a step-by-step explanation of how to pull all the elements of the presentation together using this personalized plan,  the client is free to follow our parameters as closely or as loosely as they want.

one hour consultations. ask any type of design question. $100. 

Full Service Interior Design Work.  Contact Us!

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