Saturday, January 22, 2011


The apartment bedroom started out like this.

This is after the room had been cleaned out. Let's figure out if our space planning on paper works in real life...

After a few small adjustments like moving the mirror from behind the chair to next to the closet and moving the frames from over the kitchen to behind the chair. Everything fits great!

I wanted people to know how we started to design the room. I always start with a floor plan, making notes of what we have already and what will be needed. Then I decide from the existing furniture what the options are for color palettes. I was really in love with a Crewcuts catalog last fall so I used that as my inspiration and it worked perfectly with what we had. Just a quick note on the room so everyone knows where things are from-
1. Toddler bed- craigslist
2. dresser- Kevin made
3. Art above dresser- Ikea's map of Manhattan
4. Laundry basket- ikea
5. Crib- Kevin made
6. Sheep mobile-
7. Green drapes- super clearance at Pottery Barn. We cut apart, re-sewed, steamed and took the hems out.
8. Baby blanket on chair- Dwell for Target but bought at a Goodwill for $2 in NYC.
9. Pillow on chair-on sale at Anthropologie
10. Chair- free on craigslist, kevin painted with white lacquer and reupholstered in ikea fabric for $4.00. We were going to sell it to make a profit but it works for the bedroom right now.
11. Frames of Satchel- ikea
12. Basket for books- free on side of road
13. lamp- Home Goods- spray painted with white lacquer
14. Elephant- Moma store
15. Kitchen set- craigslist
16. Rug- carpet remnant for $60.
17. Side table- Ikea 7.99. The Ikea things are the only things we bought for full price!
18. There is a full size mirror that rests on the floor next to the kitchen set. We bought it from ikea for our first apartment but spray painted it with orange lacquer.

*Nothing but the drapes and chair fabric were bought for the new house. It's amazing how different a room can look with just two new colors.


  1. That is way more than a makeover. That is like being reborn. Wow. Great work!

  2. the room looks so much bigger now!

  3. nice work & I adore that striped chair. lucky boy!

  4. I love your makeover. How amazing is that little window nook with windows all the way around. It's so perfect for his crib! The striped red chair is awesome, and I cannot believe Kevin made the crib and dresser. You really are a carpenter, beautiful work.

  5. Ok... I'm still staring at the crib! How did you cut out the slats? I keep thinking jigsaw, but I don't know how it would be possible to make them look so good!