Friday, May 20, 2011

We're back!

Sorry it's taken us so long! Yesterday marked six weeks since sweet Eero was born. We couldn't be more in love with him. I've started two new projects and am back in the swing of things. I even got in a jog and a shower yesterday morning! Small things are big deals these days.

Today I was thinking about all the filler furniture. The pieces that don't scream you but are necessary for the function of the room. Don't spend a lot on those. I think West Elm is one of the best places to find great, modern filler furniture for a great price.

*filler furniture to me is a simple, modern desk. Maybe you don't have two thousand saved up for your dream desk so you buy a filler piece and on top of it you put your favorite books, your favorite art above it, a great lamp and a vintage chair you found at a flea market. 

I love the idea of mixing inexpensive modern pieces with vintage finds at thrift stores and romantic florals. Then to really jazz it up, adding some great art. Even if it's your husband and son underwater at the swimming pool. Oh, and you can't forget a really great lamp.

Monday I'm going to have Kevin do a blog post on the dresser he made for Satchel. Everyone: don't be afraid. Start doing DIY projects. You can do it!


  1. I have had that underwater shot bookmarked for a year. Juice is going to take one of us this summer since he got his underwater case. I'm obsessed with that room!

  2. I love everything about this room! Just so you know, I have gone crazy on your blog pinning tons of rooms to my pinterest home inspiration board. Thank you! :)