Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family Photos

This is my son, me and Kevin a year ago in Skye Johansen's studio.

Good photographs are so important in a home. I don't always mean paying a lot of money for a professional either (like the one above). Real photographs that capture who people really are. Here are some of my favorites that I am working on converting to b&w, framing and covering a small wall.

These photos were taken by so many different people. A lot were just me or Kev. Our friends Missy and Juice took some and they are really good photographers. Each photo has a special place in our heart. 


  1. First of all let me just say that for one who's had the privilege of visiting the Bills home - it is even more beautiful in person than in the photos! The photos are wonderful, but there's just something about the feel of the home that makes you feel like you're at home too. Great work you two!

    Second, can we please share this idea? I love the variety of photos you've chosen to put on a wall (I'm curious which wall you'll put them on?) and Ky and I would love to have something similar in our new place. What about the wall on the landing of the staircase? I love this idea and think it's the perfect way to share your family photos in a home - professional, candid, etc.

    Another great idea from Match Interiors!

  2. I completely agree. I love family photos all around the home. It is what gives the feel that the first commenter talks about, in my opinion.