Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday: Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Besides the super cute boys, our new lamp and side table are pictured.
The side table is from World Market. I hope you all got to relax a little.


  1. Your boys are super cute.
    Pity about your blog design .. I kept coming back hoping it would be done and I would read all about how happy you were with it etc.

    But, I like your new header. Very stylish.

    I am a graphic designer but don't design blogs. But if you ever need any help converting files or anything like that, just let me know. No charge of course. Just a fellow blogger mum of 2 boys helping another (-:

  2. your boys are seriously cute. how old are they?

  3. Look at Eero's hair! I'm in love! I need to find you blog post about your books you would recommend for mom's. I need to get reading!