Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wednesday: things that happen when you rent

We moved the crib downstairs into the living room/office because no one was getting any sleep. So now it's the living room/office/nursery.

Here are some specs:
The sconces are Jonathan Alder from Macy's.com and the blue print pillow is a sale item from WS home. The sheets are from Target by Dwell and the prints are Sharon Montrose's baby animals on Esty. The cute animals in the crib are Fonte (Satchel's) and Oliver (Eero's) from Anthropologie (neither of them have the slightest interest in them, but I keep them around hoping). The blanket is the best baby blanket and it's from SFerra. It's not as expensive as you might think.
*SFerra is a top of the line luxury linens brand.

Lamp dilemma. You know how I posted about the Buster lamp? I ordered it and they e-mailed me saying it was back ordered until February 10th. Bummer. So today I went to my favorite baby store to buy Eero some teething rings and the lamp was there and I asked if I could buy the floor model. It looks the same but I think it's slightly different? They said it was Jonathan Alder but it looks identical and Robert Abbey makes his products I think. So for 20% off I got it for $40 less than it would have been to ship it. However, just as I was about to call and cancel my order I got an e-mail saying the lamp had shipped! And I got a parking ticket today. I hate that. And then my christmas lights weren't working so I flipped the breaker and it shut off my computer and I lost all of my unsaved worked for my blog design from the night before. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be, me and this blog re-design.


  1. Aww man. I feel your pain. I know these kind of days. Hang in there!

  2. ahhhh!!! seriously, can't a girl get a break???

    call me if you need to scream.

    but I absolutely LOOOOOVE how great the crib looks right there.

  3. I hope that they pay for return shipping for you. That sounds like something that would happen to me, no joke.

    Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you. (Eero's new room looks amazing, hopefully it helps everyone sleep better...it will do wonders for a better day:)

  4. UGH! lame, lame, lame! At least your crib looks adorable :)