Friday, September 16, 2011

Designing with Children

Eero, five months

I took my son (Satchel) to our favorite children's store that had opened a second location specifically for furniture. The entire time I was grabbing those glass pebbles out of his mouth from the coffee table's jar and the sale's clerk was asking him not to touch this and that. The price tag on the pillows he was leaning against on the sofa was over two hundred dollars. I was puzzled until I realized the owner of the store did not have children herself.

Families today are designing for children. They are the center of our lives. Everything revolves around our boys. When we are designing our home, we are constantly thinking about how the design will function with them on a daily basis. I always think of the late Sister Parish (one of my design heros) and how one of her signature touches was placing a child's chair in each of the living spaces.

What a wonderful idea. In our home we believe children should be honored guests.

On a very sad note: please read this link for Ruby Jane's family. I am so sorry for the pain they are going through. Children are gifts. Let us all cherish them everyday.


  1. I love the reminder that children are our honored guests. Thank you. Also, I don't see the link for Rudy Jane? ?

  2. Thanks for the note...the link is the word "LINK." I think that you will have to just hover the mouse over the word, then you can click on it. Thanks for stopping by the blog...we hope you also feel like a welcomed guest.