Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday: Decorating Tips

"Each room needs to connect to another, not specifically in color like one might think but aesthetically. Each rooms needs to be its own but also part of a whole. There needs to be a thread that ties all rooms together."

For people who are trying to design their home and want it to feel cohesive I think the natural instinct is to think color. Each room must have some yellow or red in it somewhere. What you learn studying design is that spaces need to be harmonious but not the exact shade all over the house. I like the word harmony because when you think of it in music the plain melody being repeated is still nice but a bit boring don't you think? It's the same in a room or house. True beauty in music and interior design comes from simple harmonies. Each note (or furnishing) is different but complements the other.

"Just think of a summer garden, not one color matches any other, but can you think of anything more satisfying?" Billy Baldwin

Study these images. The are designed by interior design legends Sister Parish and Albert Hadley many many years ago. See how each room is it's own but the home is harmonious as a whole. 

Now, how does one actually do that?! Good question. I'll explain more next week in my new weekly decorating school.

Happy Friday! We are doing something really exciting this weekend but it's a surprise so I'll tell you about it on Monday. Can't wait!

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  1. So glad to have found your blog - looking forward to "school!"