Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday: TOP TEN

Every home needs a wingback chair. I see it in a corner with a floor lamp, ottoman, cozy blanket, small side table with a mug of cocoa and a good book. Don't you think every house needs a spot like that?

Here are some of our favorites. It's worth saving up for!

Which one would you buy? The bamboo one just needs a small cream back pillow. We are saving for the womb chair and I really love the lines on the wheat triton too. The piper is amazing but out of our price range. Maybe some day!


  1. ooh i'll take the maxwell z gallery. (dream on dreamer)


  2. The egg chair in saddle leather has me doing a double-take. I love the lines of the bamboo, but would be concerned with comfort.

  3. I think I need the womb chair. Wouldn't it be perfect in a nursery?

  4. That is what my family room needs right now! I love the Maxwell one!!

  5. i love the womb chair and always will....