Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday: Update on Boys Room

We moved the boys into the back room because of light and noise issues in the front room. Too many windows for nap time and too many kids playing outside to go to bed at night. We moved the Ikea bookcases upstairs to go on either side of the window. We brought the train table back out because it has spent that magical 6 months in hiding where Satchel now has a brand new toy to play with. Kevin is currently building him a toddler bunk bed/hideout in the pop-out in the corner of the room that you can't see. Eero will sleep underneath on the bottom bunk when he moves out of the crib.

Notes on room:
-carpet is from a carpet remnant store in San Jose for $80.
-Train table is Melissa and Doug. $100 I think.
-Frames from Ikea.
-Chair free on Craigslist with upholstered fabric from Ikea ($4)
-Bookcases Ikea. $130 each.
-Dresser. Hand-made by Kevin.
- Frame on dresser- Pottery Barn kids, elephant from Moma store. $25.
-Lamp HomeGoods $20.
- Cooler on bookcase- vintage. Kevin's grandparents.

Lots going on around here. Still in my PJ's and it's 2:45. Been working all morning with two sick kids. But the best part of sick days are we all slept in a little later because we were all up all night, and then getting to watch a movie with Satchel on the couch and pancakes for breakfast. We also went on a walk, hunting for pumpkins and got an M&M every time we found one. Terrible diet for being sick, I know. But I am in survival mode.

Hope you are all off to a great Monday.


  1. I love the new arrangement! I rearranged my daughter's nursery twice last month and finally found a set-up flows really well. I may implement a few ideas I see above too!

  2. I am still crazy about that chair!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting