Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday: Designer Tip

We've had a request about paint colors!

Paint colors are overwhelming to me too. We painted our third rental about 10 times. We have sworn that no amount of money is too much to hire a painter for next time! Yeah, right.

Here is my advice:

I am very snooty about paint colors because of experience! I think of myself as having a very sharp eye when it comes to color but paint and how the light affects it and how it goes on the wall and how much darker or lighter it looks when you use it has been a bad experience for me every time I have used ANY color besides Farrow and Ball's. I am sure that there are plenty of very beautiful colors other places but I have always had great luck with them. I also really like Ben Moore's super white, decorators white, cloud white and patriotic white. My favorite F&B colors are: pointing, clunch, skimming stone, stony ground, bone, mouse's back, elephant's breath, london clay, citron, blazer, book room red, hound lemon, cooking green apple, olive, saxon green, minister green, vert de terre, light blue, cook's blue, chinese blue, drawing room blue, hague blue, down pipe, pelt, tanner's brown, green smoke, off-black. Even though I think every single color is absolutely brilliant.

Oh, and one other tip! Go Matte on pale colors, and eggshell or semi gloss on darker colors. You can do anything with white. If it's a small, dark room, add some shine to it.

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  1. what an interesting post! I like how you delve into the details of things. I would be interested to hear what your opinion is on Restoration Hardware paint. I used a sample jar to paint a small area I needed and I liked it.