Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday: Top Ten

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  1. hi!

    first of all, thank you for posting this! with my son approaching the age where he will be able to sit in kid-sized adult-like chairs, this is a great resource! i love so many of these.

    second, i subscribe to your blog, so whenever you publish a new post, i get an e-mail. but when i got this one today at 5:30pm, i found it odd, because the date of the post is october 10, 2011??? when i clicked on the link to your blog home, i did not see the post. i had to click on the post link to bring me to it, as it is back in the archives. strange. not sure why that happened. all i can think of is that you started it as a draft way back then, but just now got around to publishing it??

    either way, glad you posted! as always, i love your blog.