Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday: Before and After

Thank you to the two who commented on the last post! I will try all of those suggestions. Thank you.
We've had a busy week. Tomorrow I am meeting to work on two commercial spaces re-designing the lobbies. I am also working on finally designing my living room for the first time instead of things just ending up wherever. I'm excited. 

This before and after was a blast! The clients were amazing. Budgets, deadlines, decisive! Every designers dream come true. It was an honor to work with them and a pleasure every day. And we still have more work to do so the fun will just keep going. 



 Paint color: Elephants Breath FB match

 Paint color: light blue FB match


  1. oooh, i am loving the simplistic look and calm feel of the transformation here! bravo :)

  2. So much more peace in that bedroom. Beautiful.

  3. wow wow wow! I love it already!

  4. I love your style so clean and simple!

  5. absolutely love it. love the simplicity. love the desk and the styling.