Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mother of Two


  1. this is the best blog i have come across in a very long time. a perfect blend of good design, family life, personal life and whimsy.

    what an adorable family and lovely home redesign.

    my husband and i are much older than you two, but we just had our first son, so this site is really precious to see. and we both love design {i've always wanted to be an interior designer}... especially the mid-century modern style. so i find your blog very inspiring! so glad i came across it via the blog, design mom!

    keep up the creative work. i'll be a returning reader for sure!

  2. Georgia B !

    Thanks for the comment...Nice of you to swing by the blog. I (Kevin) was the happy recipient of Mid-Century modern education at the ripe age of 27. In 4 short years now I sometimes feel like I might have been born in the wrong decade. But then again, I would have liked to have been part of the Gold Rush too! I better be happy with where I am at, and just gather up the best of all worlds, right? Come back often. We are glad you like it. We will bake some cookies next time....