Friday, November 11, 2011

Monday: Flea Market

His idea, not ours. Promise....Although at times, I can see the benefits of a little containment while flea-marketing...

What a frustrating day! How do you mentally make it through the week when all you can think about is finding a set of Milo Baughman lounge chairs in the most perfect "pearl" leather and let them slip through your finger tips??? 

     Or see the perfect "British racing green," comfortably worn leather chair, (and ottoman!) for $200, and not pull the trigger on it??? 

How do you go on living after something like that, right?... RIGHT ?

We learned many lessons on flea market shopping last weekend. The hard way. I was very close to tears on our way home. What a silly thing to almost cry about! What a silly thing to waste time thinking about all week.

But we did.

What we learned:
*Have a list of anything you might be looking for with measurement and a measuring tape.
*Go with your gut and move fast.
*Offer 20% lower than the asking price. Then, take what they counter-offer.
*It won't be there when you get back.
*And if you catch sight of something from the corner of your eye from a half a block away, then you probably love it. And you will find a place to make it work. Or you will resell it.
*Go with your gut, go with your gut, go with your gut. *ALSO, speaking of going with your gut......Choose you truck-vendor burrito wisely.

sad face after loosing our chairs

These are the only pictures we have from the trip. Can you believe it?  Why didn't we take pictures of those amazing chairs? And take video for the blog? And take a picture of the view of San Francisco across the bay?!!

 It may have something to do with wrestling two little boys.

Written by:
Kevin and Whitney

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