Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday: Before and After

This project was so great because it was for my brother and sister-in-law! I know the before and after is hard but the window you see in the before is the same window on the right side in the after. 

Why I love this project:
-my family has excellent taste
-my brother can make anything (ex. the bench/coffee table, the bookcases, the easel, the mirror over the sofa) Is there anything left? :)
- It's an old student housing apartment and it looks great!

Here's a break down.
-Desk chair, overstock
-computer desk, jimmy-rigged from ikea stuff 
-rug, ballard
-bench by window, ikea (holds niece's toys)
-easel and art both done by brother
-wood framed mirror, brother
-arc lamp, overstock
-side chair, brought with them
-bookshelves, materials from home depot
-lamp, target
-plants and pots, ikea

The break down in price is around $3,000, including making the bench and shelves but not the mirror or easel and art. Those were made a few years ago. 

This was our inspiration.


  1. love how you used the space to cover up the ugly air vent thingy. and the carpet almost looks like some cool blue-gray stained concrete! way to make the room work. now I know I don't have any excuse for not having a great space with what I'm given!

  2. ps. your "about us" page is probably the best thing ever. I think I'm in love with you four.

  3. Gorgeous! This one might be my favorite one yet that you guys have done.

  4. Love your Before&After!! Well done ;)


  5. Just discovered your blog via Danielle's - I love this before and after, it's hard to believe it's the same place! I started to name my favourite parts, but realized I was naming every detail in the room :)

  6. Wow, I saw a few of your spaces over at Danielle Oakey's blog but I didn't realize how dramatic this before and after is - great work you did a really amazing job with this space. That light fixture and couch rock - and it looks so much brighter and full of life now.